In this activity, you will travel on an Adventure bike passing through the countryside, rice fields, forest, and river, and you will also meet friendly villagers and view beautiful scenery along your journey. Bogor Jungle Adventure Bike provides a choice of paths according to your ability to ride an Adventure bike; beginners, mediums, and pros, each level has a choice of paths with different conditions. In your adventure, Gogor Jungle Adventure Bike will also provide a guide and sweeper professional who is experienced in dirt bike adventures and will make your trip enjoyable. Enjoy your tour and get the sensation and adventure experience that is different from the others!

 you will have the unique opportunity to explore the vibrant rainforests and enjoy traditional bamboo steam cooking while learning some essential wilderness survival skills.



Day 1: Gunung halimun salak (97 kilometers, 

6 hours)

Early in the morning, you will start your journey, to avoid morning traffic jam 

Ride a long track through rice fields, forests, and rivers. Ride at a green base camp at Gunung Salak Village,  just at the slope The tour duration is 6 hours with rides at traditional villages, scenic rice paddy fields, jungles, creeks, mud, and waterfall,  with trail difficulty levels from fun to medium terrain.

Day 2: Mount Salak Halimun   Cilandak Area (90 kilometers, 8 hours)

Good morning Halimun, today you will go back to Jakarta

but still a long way to go and many things to explore on the way home  

Drive at a Halimun Salak national park forest. Ride a long track river, and mountains, Jungle Adventure Bike will take you to conquer the southern track at Halimun Salak Forest and the most beautiful and unspoiled national park Halimun Salak.

Throughout your trails, you will be presented with very beautiful scenery; sandy roads. Exploring the natural environment of National park Halimun Salak.


  • Enjoy riding at a National Park Halimun 
  • Ride through rice fields, forests, rivers,
  • Track jungle, rice field, rock, river, 
  •  rain forest, 
  • Experience riding along a plantation, river, and 
  • 1 Night Village house 

Skill level

  • Intermediate

Key information

  • Terrain: 40% off-road, 60% asphalt
  • Bike: rental bike ( Honda CRF RALLY 250cc)
  • Total Riding: 220 kilometers 
  • Daily rides: 110 kilometers 

2 riding days

Group size: 2-4 participants


  • Breakfast 1
  • Lunch 2
  • Diner 1
  • Motorbike 250 CC
  • 1 night at the village house
  • Photo Video
  • Parking fee 
  • English and Bahasa Indonesia-speaking tour guide on motorcycle

What's not included

  • GoPro 
  • Personal expenses
  • Petrol
  • Security deposit
  • Medical insurance